Smart and sustainable working

Future-looking buildings

Fully remodelled, each CamLIFE building meets leading substantiality credentials, with upgraded shared areas, best-in-class labs, and contemporary workspaces.

Cutting-edge lab space

High-quality, fitted lab space to containment level 2 (CL2). Super flexible with options ranging from 7,000 sq ft suites, 20,000 sq ft floors to 75,000 sq ft buildings – and plenty in between.

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Mobile lab benching to facilitate easy customer adaptation

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Electrical Loads:
185 W / sqm lab design load
100 W /sqm lab plug load

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1 x fume cupboard per suite
(c.5,000 – 8,000 sq ft)
included in Longfellow spec
with ability to increase further


Bright, open workspace

Remodelled throughout with a modular design for seamless collaboration. Delivered to CAT A+ condition as standard, including an office kitchen, range of meeting rooms and flooring.

All-new communal areas

Designed to enhance people’s wellbeing, from changing rooms and showers to welcoming reception areas and break-out spaces full of natural light.

Championing sustainability 
and wellbeing

CamLIFE buildings cut carbon through their adaptive reuse and by aligning operations to leading benchmarks. They are also designed to actively promote wellbeing and productivity.

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